Collective Research Activities

  • Research Comitee Member of “Ateliers sur la Protection de la Vie Privée” (APVP) organised by CNRS and INRIA (Cappris : Collaborative Action on the Protection of Privacy Rights in the Information Society).
  • Member of ALAI (International Association on Litterary and Artistic Property) and AFPIDA (French Association on International Protection of the Author right). Electe Member of the Administrative Council since 2014.
  • Member of TEE (Trans Europe Expert). Group “Intellectual Property and Digital Law”.
  • Member of “Réseau Normes, Sciences et Techniques" “French Research Network concerning Noms, Sciences and Technologies” (NoST), GDR CNRS 3769. Created in February 2016.
  • Member of “Réseau Droit, Sciences et Techniques” “French Research Network concerning Law, Sciences and Technologies” (RDST), GDR CNRS 3178.
  • Member of “Réseau ELSJ (Droit de l’Espace de Liberté, Sécurité, Justice)” “French Network concerning Area of Freedom, Security and Justice”, GDR CNRS 3452.

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